Natural Cork Massage Peanut


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natural, non-toxicsustainable cork


anti-microbialeasy to clean


grip dry & wetno towel needed

  • Size: (2x) dia 80mm
  • Weight: 125gr 
  • 100% natural cork
  • plastic free packaging
  • Made in Portugal

Yoga Massage Cork Peanut / Natural Fascia Release Tool
The Cork Peanut is the eco/green solution to its traditional plastic equivalent. It’s used for massage, Yoga, exercises, working out recovery, and as a fascia release tool. The cork peanut is the perfect Yoga massage and fascia release tool made from soft, warm, and natural material – cork. Cork is a renewable, sustainable material, which comes from the bark of a Cork Oak Tree. There are no toxic chemicals used in the manufacturing of our cork. It’s a process that does NOT harm the tree and can be repeated multiple times in periods of 8-10 years. Furthermore, the tree becomes a real CO2 sink. When its bark is removed the tree absorbs up to 3 times more of the greenhouse gas. What a relief for the environment!

Store in shade and avoid long sun exposure. Wipe clean with a damp cloth. If needed, use an organic cleaning solution with no harsh chemicals.Not machine washable.

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