Oásis Premium Yoga Mat


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natural, non-toxic
sustainable cork


easy to clean


grip dry & wet
no towel needed

  • Weight and mat thickness: 1200 gr / 5mm 
  • Size: 186x66cm
  • 100% natural cork and recycled rubber
  • plastic free packaging
  • Made in Portugal

The Natural Cork Yoga Mat is the eco/green solution to its traditional plastic/synthetic equivalent. It can be used for working out, Yoga, Pilates, exercises, stretching, meditation, recovery…
Cork is a renewable, sustainable material which comes from the bark of a Cork Oak Tree.
It’s a process that does NOT harm the tree and can be repeated multiple times in periods of 8-10 years.
Furthermore, the tree becomes a real CO2 sink. When its bark is removed the tree absorbs up to 3 times more of the greenhouse gas. What a relief for the environment!
There are no toxic chemicals used in the manufacturing of our cork yoga mats. They are free from silicone, toxic glues, phthalates, PVC and Chlorine.
Cork Oasis uses water based inks to produce the beautiful and inspiring images you see on the different yoga mats and these colours and images won't fade.

Our unique two layer Cork Yoga Mat is thicker than most mass produced mats with a recycled rubber base and a non-porous shock-absorbent top layer, made from soft, warm and natural cork.
This provides awesome cushioning and comfort.

After sweating, lay the mat to dry, then roll & store.
Always roll the CORK side out.
Store in shade and avoid long sun exposure.
Wipe clean with a damp cloth. If needed, use an organic cleaning solution with no harsh chemicals.
Not machine washable.

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